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  1. David Brenner quote

  2. flyboybob Says:

    This was the American dream circa, 1960. The veterans who returned after WWII took advantage of the GI bill for very low cost education and cheap GI Mortgages. The three bedroom house in the suburbs, two cars in the two car garage and the boat. The three kids were just one have a kid above the average.

    • Bob,
      My dad came home and couple of years later married my mom. He didn’t take advantage of the GI bill as no one in either family had ever gone to college so it wasn’t part of my dad’s experience. He was a born salesman so that’s what he did.

      There were four of us kids. Our first house was when I was 16. I went to college, my dad changed jobs and made big money. My parents traveled. We all traveled. Finally they lived their version of the American dream.

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