“On the Sixth Day, God created man, the sort of result you often get when you go in to work on a Saturday.”

The rain started late yesterday morning.  It was torrential at times including when I was driving to the vets. I could barely see the road. Luckily, though, it stopped just as I got to the parking lot. Gracie and I hurried inside. She is not a fan of heavy rain. It is still raining.

Gracie has been incontinent at night. She has been drinking bowls and bowls of water. Yesterday she managed to be sick twice, on my only rugs. I called the vets so we went in for an afternoon appointment. The vet eliminated an infection and figured it was old age. She gave Gracie pills for the incontinence and a few pills for her occasional dizziness. Last night for the first time in a couple of weeks Gracie made it through the night though she hadn’t had any pills yet. Isn’t that the way! I remember my toothaches always went away when my mother made an appointment at the dentist.

Saturday has always been my favorite day of the week. When I was a kid, it meant Saturday morning TV. It was eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast while sitting on the rug in front of the TV set probably going blind from sitting so close. In winter it was the matinee. In the warmer weather, it was the day to ride my bike all over town.

In my whole life, I never worked on a Saturday. I never did homework, and I never corrected papers when I was teaching. All the weekend chores were saved for Sunday. Saturday was for me.

All my days are Saturdays now. Chores get done whenever. I am horrible at getting my laundry washed and put away upstairs. The other day I did finally wash all the clothes, but some of it is sitting on a chair in the living room waiting to be hauled upstairs and the rest of it is still in the dryer wrinkling by the minute. I can’t imagine how my mother managed to do a wash just about every day on a machine with a giant tub and a wringer and then she had to hang it out to dry. Mothers were superhumans.

Today I have nothing needing to be done though I might just bring the laundry upstairs. I’m not going to get dressed. I’m staying in comfy clothes. A nap is a possibility. It’s Saturday.

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6 Comments on ““On the Sixth Day, God created man, the sort of result you often get when you go in to work on a Saturday.””

  1. olof1 Says:

    The last day of nice and warm weather here for a week they say, it’ll slowly get warmer next weekend but we all know how lousy they are in predicting the weather for more than an hour 🙂 It will be easier to go to work though 🙂

    I’ve done the only thing I had decvided to do today, I’ve made the apointment for the annual vehicle inspection, I did it online and waited till the last day I could do it. May 31st 🙂

    My oild Orvar was incontinent until he was a year and a half but not every night. He always slept beside me so I woke up when it suddenly became very warm in the bed 🙂 🙂 His grandmother was it when she was really old too but she thankfully slept on the floor and always woke up after it had started so the floor was never flooded.

    Have a great day!


    • katry Says:

      It is still raining but not that hard as Gracie and I just came inside. I didn’t get all that wet bringing her to the yard.

      My car also needs to be inspected this month, but I won’t wait until the end as too many people do and there is always a long line. I’ll do it next week.

      I have found my leg wet as she sleeps at the other end of the couch. There are puppy pads down so she doesn’t wet the couch.

      Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Bob Says:

    The next few days are forecast to be clear with high temperatures in the low to mid 80s. By the end of the month the highs will probably be in the 90s. Normally May is our wettest month but so far this year’s weather has been very unusual.

    I’m sorry to hear that Gracie is suffering from the ravages of old age. It happens to everyone as our bodies wear out. When our dogs reached the point where they lose control of their bodily functions we took them to the vet to send them over the rainbow bridge. Only you can make that call and it’s a tough call.

    The Saturday morning kids shows were the highlight of my week. Like you I sat in front of the TV set with a bowl of cold cereal and intently watched Howdy Doody, The Cisco Kid, The Lone Ranger, Wild Bill Hickok and my favorite, Sky King.

    • katry Says:

      It finally stopped raining but it is still cloudy and damp. It almost never gets as high as the 90’s here. Even the 80’s are infrequent.

      Gracie doesn’t yet have a lack of control. She has something common, the nighttime incontinence. She is the third dog on the street with the same ailment. My friends’ dog was the first, and she is only 9. A pill a day corrects the problem. Other than that, she is doing well.

      I also loved Annie Oakley and Rin Tin Tin. I totally get why Sky King was your favorite.

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