Boston and St Johns: Great Big Sea

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2 Comments on “Boston and St Johns: Great Big Sea”

  1. Jay Bird Says:

    Great Big Sea?? THANK YOU, Kat!! My all-time favorite Canadians. Now, who was the slithering scoundrel who put those Bruins pictures in the video? Boooo! They’re Newfies, not Bostonians!

    Popular live concert band in Canada and the States during the ’00’s, particularly at “Irish Fest” type events. Lovely ballads, Newfoundland sea shanties and rousing Celtic rock. Went their separate ways in 2013 after 14 albums and 20 years. Here’s their breakthrough hit (in Canada, anyhow) from 1993.

    • katry Says:

      I didn’t realize how long they had been singing together as I found them rather recently. When I first heard them I wondered how I could have missed them for so long.

      Funny, I didn’t even notice the Bruins. I don’t know it is because I am not a hockey fan or that I am oblivious.

      I am glad I played this!

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